This is where we live, where we eat and most importantly, where I cook!

This is where I go to cook everyday.

This is where everyone stuffs their faces

It's a screened in patio kitchen, which is pretty awesome cause you get the breeze and sun without the bugs.

Giant table, ceiling fan and kitchen madness

We bought another stove to accomodate the unholy amount of cooking we have to do.

We have three fridges, a freezer and a walk-in fridge off in another building.

Two rice cookers, big sink and more mess

the firepit outside of the kitchen where we like to gather at night and some other fun backgroun items placed very purposefully

This is where Chris and I stay plus a few other folks. It's just steps away from the kitchen.

This is our patio.

Baby Blue

Our pimped out catering van that I get to drive to whatever site they're at shooting. We fit two cambros, a giant cooler, custom cubby holes for a rice pot, mangalite and all sorts of junk.