What’s a nerve test? A nerve conduction velocity test (NCV) is an electrical test that is used to determine the adequacy of the conduction of the nerve impulse as it courses down a nerve. This test is used to detect signs of nerve injury.

What’s a myogram? An electromyogram (EMG) is a test that is used to record the electrical activity of muscles. When muscles are active, they produce an electrical current. This current is usually proportional to the level of the muscle activity.

Now that we all know what they are, I’ll tell you how they feel. Painful! The nerve test wasn’t too bad only painful for a second or two while the electrical pulse is sent through me. The muscle test sucked ass. They stick a needle in your muscles. The first one wasn’t so bad cause it was on the back of my hand, kind of felt like a pin prick, then he goes on to say, this may hurt a little more since it’s your thumb muscle. Oh yes, just a tad more! It’s not like they just prick you, they leave the needle in you and then move it around, so they can listen to whatever they’re listening for.

In conclusion, the doctor says to me, “you have carpal tunnel”. Thank you Doctor.