It’s official! I’m heading over on Feb. 6th! and I’ll be back at the end of March. My dearest friend, Jancis, will welcome me into her home in Manila and I can’t wait!

Why am I going? Outside of the awesomeness of traveling and seeing the world, I actually have a goal of discovering tastes of Southeast Asia that we’ve all heard about, that I sometimes get a sampling of in Flushing or somewhere in Queens, that show up on the travel channel, you know, spicy, exotic flavors that are apparently not terribly available here. I want to bring them back with me, incorporate them into my food, expand my taste buds and hopefully yours too.

So make sure to follow my updates cause I’ll be posting along the ride!
Oh and if you’re wondering, the countries I’ll be going to are going to be fairly spontaneous but they’re looking like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Cambodia. I’ll have to stop in Taiwan to visit one of my best friends, Jasmine at some point.