Laos has this drink called “Laos Laos”. It is basically their local moonshine and where do you go drink their local moonshine? At the Laos beer garden of course. Before sampling Laos Laos I had to fill my stomach with some traditional fare.

Laap. A meat salad with fresh herds and seasonings all smashed together and eaten with sticky rice. I should tell you that their sticky rice is the stickiest. So sticky that you actually take your hand, grab two bites worth, roll it up into a oblong ball and then use that to pick up a mouthful of laap. Very very good!

Water buffalo stew. I should have known such a big animal would have really tough meat but the stew flavors were good. Lots of dill.

And Laos Laos! It’s a weaker version of baijiu. But then again, it sure gets the tummy warm and fuzzy.