Jetlag sucks doo doo but lunch at home makes up for it. The Lao family lunch that starts exactly at noon and does not disappoint especially with Uncle Alex’s homemade chili sauce. It’s sooo good! Not to mention my first encounter with Wing Beans and the infamous Lechon but in leftover form, meaning a delicious array of chopped of pork bits in what they call a liver sauce which is a sauce made from pig liver and damn is that stuff tasty!


Magical Wing Beans

For Dinner we went to a place called Terry’s and since everyone knows that the Philippines were occupied by Spain for about three hundred years there was a bit of left over influence. So we had some super awesome canned seafood as well as a bubbling cauldron of garlic chili oil with eels.

I love Sardines!

Bubbling Eel, so good on a crostini

I am totally getting Uncle Alex’s Chili recipe so don’t worry kids, spicy coconutty goodness is coming!
Also, the whole chopped up pig head thing that I called “sie sie” is actually Sisig. So good!