To reinforce my “babies are better” theory, here is exhibit B. Suckling Pig. Honestly, this is probably my favorite meal thus far. It’s a whole suckling pig they bring out to you where you eat the skin first, then they take the pig back, bring back parts of its’ face for you to taste, then the whole little guy is fried again and if you’re not envious after seeing these pictures, there is something wrong with you.


They give you some wraps, molasses and garlic scapes and you make a mini pig skin wrap with it!

Then they bring out the ears, snout, tail and tongue… Oh pig tongue!

And they fry up the rest, I gotta say this picture isn’t the prettiest but it’s so unbelievably delicious, I can’t help but drool.

Thank you Baby Pig, you are the best thing in the world!