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Bangkok to Nong Khai. It took about twelve hours but I had a sleeper car and nice chats with the security guard and dude who came around and made our beds. I was exhausted cause nothing runs on time, nothing moves quickly, no one moves quickly and you are forced to just sit back and relax cause otherwise I would have gone insane. If this wasn’t Southeast Asia, I probably would have thrown a fit but I kept telling myself that I’m in no hurry to get anywhere and neither was anyone else.

Sleeper Car

A little Beer

Crappy Dinner

Morning View

Crossing the Border was fun.
You get off the BKK train, onto another train that’s a fifteen minute ride that takes you to a station to get your visa, then you take either a tuk tuk or mini van, which you have to make friends with other backpackers and get a bunch together to make the ride cheaper. Met a lovely gay couple from, guess where? Astoria Queens! Small world. Awesome folks.


Wasn’t planning on going to Laos but you know what, I’m off! Taking an overnight train from BKK to Nong Khai then a mini bus over the border and off to Vientiane.

Bye bye Bangkok!

There are just endless supplies of markets and food and cheap clothes and so much stuff. It’s all good, it’s all dirty, it’s all awesome. It goes anywhere from fish flopping around, tiny shrimp, hanging meat, open grills, giant woks, plastic bags filled with who knows what. One of the things that I love the most about this food stuff is that they give you these packages of condiments/veggies that go with the dish. Depending on the dish, it can come with fresh herbs, veggies, salt, crushed red pepper, fresh chilies, etc.

Pad Thai. I really didn’t think I would see pad thai in Thailand, I don’t really know why but it just didn’t occur to me so when it found me, I was so surprised and pleasantly surprised.

Green Papaya Salad. I’ve been looking for the POK POK or mortar and pestle here since it’s such an essential tool and there was no disappointing. Spicy fresh salad right out of the pok pok.

Candy. They’re are so many kinds of dessert here, including donuts, they love donuts and French style pastries as well as jello anything. All colorful and seemingly tasty though I’m not much of a sweets person, more eye catching than anything else.

Sushi. Only saw one stand with their version of sushi. Colorful to say the least.

Mystery Fruit. If anyone can tell me what this green fruit is in the first photo, I’ll make you some totally awesome food in return!

Thailand has tons of islands and I couldn’t help myself, so I took a rickety boat, which took me to a four x four ride like on National Geographic, which took me to a bungalow on a beach on a tiny island. This is my vacation. No food pictures, just salt water and sand.

Boat Ride


To reinforce my “babies are better” theory, here is exhibit B. Suckling Pig. Honestly, this is probably my favorite meal thus far. It’s a whole suckling pig they bring out to you where you eat the skin first, then they take the pig back, bring back parts of its’ face for you to taste, then the whole little guy is fried again and if you’re not envious after seeing these pictures, there is something wrong with you.


They give you some wraps, molasses and garlic scapes and you make a mini pig skin wrap with it!

Then they bring out the ears, snout, tail and tongue… Oh pig tongue!

And they fry up the rest, I gotta say this picture isn’t the prettiest but it’s so unbelievably delicious, I can’t help but drool.

Thank you Baby Pig, you are the best thing in the world!

I heart congee. For those of you who don’t know what congee is, it’s basically rice porridge. Sticky rice cooked with way too much water then you add really awesome things to it, like shredded pork, thousand year old egg, ginger, vinegar, etc. But here in Bangkok, they’ve got these awesome pork meatballs and they toss in a raw egg, there’s fresh ginger and they have chili vinegar for you to toss in. On top of that, the congee lady is super cool!

Mmm congee

You can’t dine in a place that’s a restaurant, it’s gotta be some hole in the wall, literally.

And totally super awesome congee lady

I really thought this place would be more magical. Everyone was all about Bangkok but maybe since I came at a time when they’re more prosperous it seems way too civilized. Strange. It’s like a mix of New York and LA put together. Filled with people but still sprawled out. Big City this is. Tuk tuks are pretty lame here, it’s cheaper to travel by cab and food wise… well, that’s a whole other story.

Tuk tuks are way smaller, the canopies block your view and they are awful to bargain with.

But it’s pretty.

You know, pretty.