There are just endless supplies of markets and food and cheap clothes and so much stuff. It’s all good, it’s all dirty, it’s all awesome. It goes anywhere from fish flopping around, tiny shrimp, hanging meat, open grills, giant woks, plastic bags filled with who knows what. One of the things that I love the most about this food stuff is that they give you these packages of condiments/veggies that go with the dish. Depending on the dish, it can come with fresh herbs, veggies, salt, crushed red pepper, fresh chilies, etc.

Pad Thai. I really didn’t think I would see pad thai in Thailand, I don’t really know why but it just didn’t occur to me so when it found me, I was so surprised and pleasantly surprised.

Green Papaya Salad. I’ve been looking for the POK POK or mortar and pestle here since it’s such an essential tool and there was no disappointing. Spicy fresh salad right out of the pok pok.

Candy. They’re are so many kinds of dessert here, including donuts, they love donuts and French style pastries as well as jello anything. All colorful and seemingly tasty though I’m not much of a sweets person, more eye catching than anything else.

Sushi. Only saw one stand with their version of sushi. Colorful to say the least.

Mystery Fruit. If anyone can tell me what this green fruit is in the first photo, I’ll make you some totally awesome food in return!