Sleepy town. Small, slow, French influence lingers and some of the best fruit shakes ever. I think it’s cause they add simple syrup to everything even though their fruit is already ripe and sweet but then add about a cup of simple syrup made from palm sugar and TADA! Some of the tastiest fruit shakes ever.

I love mango.

I’m totally all about this mortar and pestle “cooking”. It’s so ingenious to just give everything a little smash to bring out all the flavors and oils of each item and then muddle them together to make flavor magic. Even this simple noodle salad I got was packed with flavor.

Condiments. Why don’t we have better condiments in the states? Every table should come with tons of condiments and a fresh plate of veggie condiments. I got some traditional Laos noodle soup and it came with all this stuff! Limes, Thai Basil, Cilantro, String Beans, Chilies, etc etc

Table Condiments

Variety of Chilies and be careful and this stuff is SPICY

Noodles and Beer, Yum!