Bangkok to Nong Khai. It took about twelve hours but I had a sleeper car and nice chats with the security guard and dude who came around and made our beds. I was exhausted cause nothing runs on time, nothing moves quickly, no one moves quickly and you are forced to just sit back and relax cause otherwise I would have gone insane. If this wasn’t Southeast Asia, I probably would have thrown a fit but I kept telling myself that I’m in no hurry to get anywhere and neither was anyone else.

Sleeper Car

A little Beer

Crappy Dinner

Morning View

Crossing the Border was fun.
You get off the BKK train, onto another train that’s a fifteen minute ride that takes you to a station to get your visa, then you take either a tuk tuk or mini van, which you have to make friends with other backpackers and get a bunch together to make the ride cheaper. Met a lovely gay couple from, guess where? Astoria Queens! Small world. Awesome folks.