Street food duh!
It’s not easy asking these Laos what things are, how things are made, etc. They are not so good at the english and I am not so good at the Laos. So there was a lot of blind ordering and guess what I ended up buying? Maggots. They came in this awesome bamboo package and I usually love things in a pretty bamboo leaf BUT NO! Not this time.

Oh look, I’m a tasty bamboo wrapped package…

Filled with Maggots!

So, yes, I did try it. And I only did it cause these two amazing Dutch dudes were pigging out with me at the market and they did it. And I have to say, it was quite tasty. Tasted like coconut and lemongrass and the texture was like sticky rice only softer BUT I would never eat it again! Gross.

And of course Laos like pigs… insides



Then they’ve got this traditional dish they make where they ball up sticky rice in their hand and dip it in different homemade chili sauces and my goodness do they have a lot of varieties.

There was this one wrap we tried and we all loved. It was sticky rice but mixed with who knows what and wrapped in lettuce with peanuts, fried shallots and fried lemongrass. So good.

And then the usual market fun, chickens stuffed with chicken parts, massive arrays of sweets, bugs, and other unidentifiable items!

And I’ve been seeing grilled bananas all over Southeast Asia and they’re always the mini bananas and sometimes they have the peel, sometimes they don’t so I finally decided to give it a go. Grilling leaves the banana a semi-tougher “skin” and a warm center.

Ba Naw Nah as the Australians would say.