Asia in general has a few Buddhas here and there. I was bound to come upon a few. Luang Prabang probably had one of the more interesting Buddha settings where you walked up endless stairs to reach the top of the hill and have an amazingly hazy view of the city and the smallest buddha you would think sitting at top. But on the other side of the hill that I walked down, I came across some fantastically large Buddhas.

Never ending stairs.

More Stairs.

View from the top.

And another.


After a climb, had a little lunch along the river. Some curry, fried thai basil and a daikon salad.

By far the coolest thing is this bamboo bridge. During the dry season, the Mekong get real low that a foot bridge is built between the two sides. Made of bamboo! And it’s totally awesomely rickety and bouncy and just all around amazing. As I prepared to walk over the bridge there were two dudes fixing it! HA!

Notice the intricate weave.

Then when you reach the other side it’s a green tunnel of fairy books.

It’s very underwhelming when you get out on the other side but I won’t show you so you can have this magical imagine forever.

Also just so you know how cute and small this town is, this whole thing took me maybe two hours and I was walking very very slowly.