I’m sure I’ll be writing more about them when I’m in Vietnam but Laos also happen to be taken over by the French at one point and they happened to leave behind some of those amazing bread products that they are so good at. So I decided to try one of their many French bakeries for breakfast. And to my surprise, it was awesome. Simple and perfect.
Just so happens, my favorite breakfast of all time was in Paris, at this little hostel, where she baked fresh bread, had homemade jam and jelly and the best butter of my life.
More Pastries

Then of course there’s the infamous Vietnamese Bahn Mi but here in Laos it’s just a baguette that you can have stuffed with meat, cheese, or eggs. The bread is wonderful but the stuffing is lame, to be nice.

Couldn’t help myself, more fruit shakes…

And their OJ is this little clementine and it’s just sweet, sweet, sweet!