So the silly part is that I don’t know the names to most of these things except for BALUT.  For all of you who don’t know what balut is, it’s a boiled fertilized egg.  A baby bird basically and I happened to have a duckling.  And the verdict is….. DELICIOUS.  Judge all you want, babies taste better.  I only wish I took more photos but I’m sure I’ll get another chance.

Aunt Anne also gave me these steamed sticky rice pouches, one with black rice and the other with white, both extremely yummy and a cup of local chocolate “milk”, it was just a cup of hot melted chocolate with cocoa sugar and it was so rich and amazing but I could only handle so many sips of it, totally sugar overload.

After the hardy breakfast… Phnom Penh to see RACHEL!  She’s part of this program called Skateistan and it’s f’in rad what she’s doing for those kids!


Sticky Rice and Melted Chocolate!