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Siem Reap is such a nicer town than Phnom Penh. And I guess I’m bound to do something touristy like see Ankor Wat so here’s that.

But first, this is probably one of the “insert adjective here” I’ve seen.

And they’re mobile too.

Ankor Wat


Tuk tuks are the way to go in Cambodia. They’re cheap and fun to bargain with. Noreen and Jasmine saw this one tuk tuk driver named, Piet and since he has a nice face, they asked him to join them for beers and ever since then he’s been our official driver. He took me around town one day, which is how I got most of those market shots.

Piet in his tuk tuk


Then there’s my dearest friend RACHEL!!! She’s part of this awesome program called Skateistan where they teach kids how to skate, make art and just be creative little dudes. These street kids need all the love they can get and they’re doing an amazing job.

Here’s her in action!

And her wee ones skating like pros.

They really need all the help they can get, here’s a shot of one of their schools.

But at least their PSA’s are heading in the right direction. I think this one says, “Don’t be a drunk dad”

I don’t think I’ve ever not been hungry as I am here. I mean, I eat every two-three hours and it’s exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, just saying, it’s awesome.

There’s banana flower! Totally awesome, crispy, vegetable-fruitiness. Curry here is amazing, you know why? So many fresh coconuts, which by the way make awesome mid-day drinks, forget that coconut water you’ve got right now and get a real one. There are these mini eggplants that I thought were green peas but they’re so tiny and unique in flavor. Hot pot! Hot pot in hot weather is kind of amazing. I am a serious fan of Chinese hot pot but this broth they’ve got going is really tasty, it’s super flavorful, you can really taste the meat and the veggies they use, which they love to use garlic scape and scallions. And their salads, seafood, meat, whatever, in this awesome mixture of carrots, daikon, peppers, bean sprouts, fish sauce, sugar, chilies, garlic, rice vinegar… Mmm

So there’s Central Market, Kandal Market, Russian Market, Orussei Market, the Old Market and I’m sure there are more that I didn’t go to but they are beyond awesome… you’ll find some tasty bugs, curry, grilled squid, all sorts of eggs, ladies making dessert, donuts, you know, the usual!

Seriously, Asian markets make our farmers markets, look like amateur hour. These things are jammed packed with everything! From meats, seafood, veggies to towels, flip flops, t-shirts, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, bags, silverware, pots, pans… But before a day at all these markets you have to have a big bowl of beef noodles for breakfast and some seriously strong Cambodian coffee. I don’t even drink coffee but you know what, when in Rome. By the way, Asians love SUGAR. I tried the coffee the way they traditionally serve it, which is with condensed milk and sugar; it was like eating candy. Sent it back and got it black.


Breakfast Stall

Big Pot of handmade Beef Balls and broth


Then there are these push carts filled with mini clams of sorts. They flavor them differently and give you a cup full. Yum!

So we show up in Phnom Penh and are greeted by dear Noreen. One of Jan’s many sisters and she’s totally brilliant cause the first thing that we do other than drop off luggage is make sure everyone knows where to go for happy hour and this is probably the best happy hour ever. 70 cent beers. That’s 70 cents as in seventy pennies or two quarters and two dimes or seven dimes or as in the change you find in your couch! Needless to say the first night was amazing. Followed by huge boiling pots of pig parts, multiple pots! One had pig legs and feet another had pig insides and another had other things that looked like insides but who knows. The meal had brains, stomach, intestines, feet, and congee. Oh why are pigs so damn delicious!

Happy Hour with Uncle Alex!

Pig Stew with insides…

Pig leg stew!

Pig Brains, makes you smarter, I think

Pig Tummies make my tummy happy.

Asians love jello/jelly and this was a complimentary dessert, coconut jello, they also happen to love this crinkle cut, weird. Also not very tasty.


So the silly part is that I don’t know the names to most of these things except for BALUT.  For all of you who don’t know what balut is, it’s a boiled fertilized egg.  A baby bird basically and I happened to have a duckling.  And the verdict is….. DELICIOUS.  Judge all you want, babies taste better.  I only wish I took more photos but I’m sure I’ll get another chance.

Aunt Anne also gave me these steamed sticky rice pouches, one with black rice and the other with white, both extremely yummy and a cup of local chocolate “milk”, it was just a cup of hot melted chocolate with cocoa sugar and it was so rich and amazing but I could only handle so many sips of it, totally sugar overload.

After the hardy breakfast… Phnom Penh to see RACHEL!  She’s part of this program called Skateistan and it’s f’in rad what she’s doing for those kids!


Sticky Rice and Melted Chocolate!