So we show up in Phnom Penh and are greeted by dear Noreen. One of Jan’s many sisters and she’s totally brilliant cause the first thing that we do other than drop off luggage is make sure everyone knows where to go for happy hour and this is probably the best happy hour ever. 70 cent beers. That’s 70 cents as in seventy pennies or two quarters and two dimes or seven dimes or as in the change you find in your couch! Needless to say the first night was amazing. Followed by huge boiling pots of pig parts, multiple pots! One had pig legs and feet another had pig insides and another had other things that looked like insides but who knows. The meal had brains, stomach, intestines, feet, and congee. Oh why are pigs so damn delicious!

Happy Hour with Uncle Alex!

Pig Stew with insides…

Pig leg stew!

Pig Brains, makes you smarter, I think

Pig Tummies make my tummy happy.

Asians love jello/jelly and this was a complimentary dessert, coconut jello, they also happen to love this crinkle cut, weird. Also not very tasty.