Seriously, Asian markets make our farmers markets, look like amateur hour. These things are jammed packed with everything! From meats, seafood, veggies to towels, flip flops, t-shirts, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, bags, silverware, pots, pans… But before a day at all these markets you have to have a big bowl of beef noodles for breakfast and some seriously strong Cambodian coffee. I don’t even drink coffee but you know what, when in Rome. By the way, Asians love SUGAR. I tried the coffee the way they traditionally serve it, which is with condensed milk and sugar; it was like eating candy. Sent it back and got it black.


Breakfast Stall

Big Pot of handmade Beef Balls and broth


Then there are these push carts filled with mini clams of sorts. They flavor them differently and give you a cup full. Yum!