I don’t think I’ve ever not been hungry as I am here. I mean, I eat every two-three hours and it’s exhausting! Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, just saying, it’s awesome.

There’s banana flower! Totally awesome, crispy, vegetable-fruitiness. Curry here is amazing, you know why? So many fresh coconuts, which by the way make awesome mid-day drinks, forget that coconut water you’ve got right now and get a real one. There are these mini eggplants that I thought were green peas but they’re so tiny and unique in flavor. Hot pot! Hot pot in hot weather is kind of amazing. I am a serious fan of Chinese hot pot but this broth they’ve got going is really tasty, it’s super flavorful, you can really taste the meat and the veggies they use, which they love to use garlic scape and scallions. And their salads, seafood, meat, whatever, in this awesome mixture of carrots, daikon, peppers, bean sprouts, fish sauce, sugar, chilies, garlic, rice vinegar… Mmm