Tuk tuks are the way to go in Cambodia. They’re cheap and fun to bargain with. Noreen and Jasmine saw this one tuk tuk driver named, Piet and since he has a nice face, they asked him to join them for beers and ever since then he’s been our official driver. He took me around town one day, which is how I got most of those market shots.

Piet in his tuk tuk


Then there’s my dearest friend RACHEL!!! She’s part of this awesome program called Skateistan where they teach kids how to skate, make art and just be creative little dudes. These street kids need all the love they can get and they’re doing an amazing job.

Here’s her in action!

And her wee ones skating like pros.

They really need all the help they can get, here’s a shot of one of their schools.

But at least their PSA’s are heading in the right direction. I think this one says, “Don’t be a drunk dad”